Being behind with
  • debts
is very common, you’re not alone.

Debtx is Australia’s leading debt mediation company. Our team are specialists in dealing with credit providers and helping people to reduce and settle their debts, often saving them thousands of dollars in the process.

Let us take the pressure off you. Once you engage our services, your creditors must direct all calls and demand letters to us, so you can breathe easy knowing you are in good hands.

Due to our experience and close relationships with many credit providers, including major banks, we are often able to help our clients reduce their debts significantly, potentially saving them many thousands of dollars.

While it might be short of what you owe, if you are able to secure funds from the sale or refinance of an asset or get financial help from friends or family, we may be able to reduce and settle your debts, all without having to enter into a formal debt agreement or affecting your credit rating.

We believe our success should also be your success, that is why our fees are only payable if we save you money.