About Us

Our priority is to
  • save
you money

Our team of experienced debt negotiators are specialists in dealing with credit providers and helping individuals and businesses reduce and settle their debts.

We have a single mission, to negotiate your debts to reduce the payout figure while alleviating you of the pressures of dealing with your creditors yourself –no more harassing phone calls or letters.

Due to our extensive experience and close relationships with many credit providers, including the banks, we are often able to reduce many debts significantly, potentially saving our clients thousands of dollars in the process.

We believe our success should also be your success, that’s why our fees are only payable if we save you money, no reduction no fee, it’s that simple.

It’s never too late. Even if your accounts are in arrears and recovery action has started, or if they have been passed onto a debt collection company, we can still help. In fact, it is in these situations that we can often save our clients the most money.

Imagine being free of your debts in just a few weeks!