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Even one negative listing on a credit report has the potential to affect your ability to secure credit for years.

The effects of this can be widespread, from the collapse of a business to a family breakdown. Not being able to secure credit  can have disastrous consequences.

The good news is many negative listings can be permanently removed from a credit file, like they never existed.

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is the key

What many people don’t know is a credit provider is required by law to follow a very strict process prior to recording a negative listing on a credit file. It is common for creditors to make mistakes with this process and identifying these faults and errors is the key to credit repair.

Our experience with credit reporting law and our close working relationships with creditors makes us very effective at restoring our clients credit files.

Imagine having that negative credit listing that has been holding you back permanently removed and not having to worry about qualifying for finance again.

You don’t need to be stuck in credit prison any longer.