Frequently Asked Questions

Our services are very different to a formal debt agreement. Our focus is to arrange for the reduction and payout of debts for a lump sum payment, not the arrangement of an ongoing a payment plan which is the case with a formal debt agreement.

We will only be able to help you if you have access to sufficient funds to retire your debts, at the reduced amount.

People can often raise funds to settle their debts from a variety of sources such as help from family or friends, the refinance / sale of an asset such as a property, or even a tax refund

We have no upfront fees and only charge an agreed percentage of what we save you. You can rest assured we will be working very hard to save you the most we possibly can. In the unlikely event we cannot reduce your debts, we will not charge a fee.

Once we have negotiated your debts and reached a reduced payout amount, the payment can be made to the creditor via Electronic Funds Transfer, BPay or bank cheque.

No, we will provide you with a few short forms to complete and will require some supporting documents from you such as payslips or bank statements etc. Each matter is different, so we will let you know what we need from you once we get started.

There is nothing stopping you to try and negotiate your debts, however if you are looking for the best possible outcome engaging the services of a professional can often make all the difference.

Relationships are very important. As we work with many credit providers including the banks on a daily basis, we are able to liaise with them in a positive manner and often resolve matters where otherwise it may not have been possible.

Effective debt negotiation can be a tricky and often complex process; most people prefer to engage the services of a professional such as Debtx to help them. Remember, our fees are only payable if we reduce your debts, so we are highly motivated to deliver you a positive outcome.