Can DebtX help me?

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help me?

There are many reasons why our clients fell behind with their debts:

  • Loss of employment
  • A failed business venture
  • Gambling
  • Medical problems
  • Credit providers lending irresponsibly
  • Overspending

Regardless of the reason, the stress of falling being with debts can be significant, and left unresolved the impact can have devastating effects on people and their families.

Our clients typically fall into two categories:

Help from family or friends

Often our clients will get financial help from family or friends who are able to make funds available. In these cases, we are often able to work with creditors and have them agree to a lesser payout figure so the accounts can be settled and closed and you can save money.

The refinance or sale of a property

In order to get back in control of their debts people will often look at refinancing or selling their property to raise additional funds. Sometimes due to market conditions, lender’s credit policies or low property valuations, the amount available may not be sufficient to retire all the debts in full. This is where we can help, we can negotiate with your creditors and have them agree to accept a reduced payout figure so you can settle your debts and save money.

Regardless of where the funds to settle come from, we regularly save our clients thousands of dollars by reducing the balances of their outstanding accounts.

What kind of debts can DebtX help with?

We are able to help negotiate and settle a wide range of debts however the following are the most common:

  • Credit Cards
  • Personal Loans
  • Debts with collection companies
  • Past debts to phone & utility companies
  • Unsecured business debts
  • Past school fees
  • Most other unsecured loans

Secured loans such as mortgages or vehicle loans typically cannot be reduced however there are exceptions to this, so please feel free to contact us if your debt issue relates to a secured loan.

Even if you are well behind with your debts, or the credit provider has started recovery action or even passed the debt onto a collection company, we can still help. In fact, it is often in these situations that we can often save our clients the most.